Alberta’s most fascinating wildlife!

Jasper National Park is world famous for the diverse number of species that habitat it, among other things, and has been classified as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations partly for this reason.

With over 53 different types of species of mammals that live in the National Park, it is almost guaranteed that you will see one during your visit to Jasper; it might be one of the most exciting aspects of your trip.

Although many of the wild animals seem sweet and possibly cuddly, such as baby bears, it is extremely important to remember that all of the wildlife in Jasper National Park are just that, wild. Visitors to the park need to ensure they keep a safe distance from the animals to ensure both the animal and the visitor’s safety.

Although Jasper National Park inhabits such a diverse array of animals, not all of them frequent the areas closer to the Jasper town site.  For example, moose (the largest member of the deer family) generally live in the wetlands and can be typically seen around Maligne Lake, Pocahontas and Yellowhead Pass.  Big horn sheep and mountain goats can generally be found on highway 16 east or south on the Icefields parkway. These are a few of the animals in which you might see while visiting Jasper, however may only see them away from the town itself.

Among the 53 different types of species found in Jasper, some species are very unlikely to see. For example, the Woodland Caribou typically hide from visitors during the summer and retreat to the high alpine meadows.  The lynx, which is nocturnal, and the mountain lion (also known as a cougar) are both known to stay at higher elevations and away from people.

The wildlife that typically roam closer to the Jasper town site and are almost guaranteed to see include the white tailed deer, mule deer, elk, coyotes, wolves, black bear, and grizzly bear to name a few. Many of these animals roam the national park and have a tendency to frequent Becker’s Chalets. Throughout the year, elk can be seen playing, grazing or sleeping in the large grassy area near the center of Becker’s Chalets.  Herds of elk will gather on property and just roam the property. A black bear or grizzly bear (depending on whose first) tends to mark its territory there as well, making the possibility of seeing it on property quite high.  Many of the hotel guests love seeing so many wild animals from the comfort and safety of their cabin, with lots of picture opportunities for them to have.

Although it is very exciting to see the wildlife that Jasper National Park has to offer, please remember that this is their home.  We need to remember to treat these animals with the respect and space that they deserve and demand.