Near Jasper Alberta!

Miette Hot SpringsMiette Hot Springs is located approximately 45 km east of the Jasper town site followed by another 15km south on Miette road; still within the Jasper National Park parameters. Originally introduced in the 1800’s by the First Nations people, with construction in 1913, followed by construction of a proper road in 1934 and new facilities in 1986, Miette Hot Springs has become one of Jasper’s top intriguing and relaxing tourist attractions.

Flowing at 54 degrees Celsius from the top of Sulphur Mountain, then gradually cooled by the time it reaches the hot springs pools, to a comfortable 40 degrees Celsius, it’s no wonder why Miette Hot Springs is classified as being the hottest natural hot springs in the Canadian Rockies. The natural minerals that can be found in the spring water pools are: sodium, magnesium, bicarbonate, calcium and Sulphur.

With very reasonable rates, lounge chairs on the pool decks, and 4 different pools to offer (a main large hot pool, a main large warm pool, small cold pool and a small freezing pool), this attraction is great for the whole family. On a side note: they say that the pores of your skin become stimulated and give you a luxurious experience when combining the hot and cold pools. It might be worth your while to try soaking in one of the hot pools, followed by a brief dip in a cold pool, to feel the difference it makes in your energy levels and mood.

These facilities also have swim rentals, towel rentals along with a great cafeteria with lots of variety. The change rooms are separated by male and female – unfortunately they do not have family change rooms, and they do have coin operated lockers for your convenience.

Although the views at the hot springs are phenomenal, it is highly recommended to take a half day hike along the Sulphur Skyline (if you like hiking). This hike is approximately an 8 km round trip hike to the summit and back, and has a 700 meter elevation gain. With stunning panoramic views from Sulphur Ridge, being able to see the hot springs way below, among the many varied wildflowers blooming along the trail, there’s no wonder why this hike is classified as one of the best half day hikes in the Jasper area.