In Jasper National Park!

Mt. Edith Cavell is one of the supreme tourist attractions and hikes in Jasper National Park, with the most noticeable peak entirely within Alberta. Located only 20 km from Becker’s Chalets (approximately 26 km from Jasper) on highway 93A, Mt. Edith Cavell has spectacular views that you do not want to miss. With several variations of this hike, you have the ability to choose the type of hike you wish to partake in. For something light and easy, hiking towards Cavell pond or towards Kettle Lake is recommended and is most common. If you’re interested in doing something more demanding, hiking towards Cavell Meadows Summit is suggested: it’s about a half day hike (with the first portion being paved).

While traveling up to the parking lot of Mt. Edith Cavell, where all of the glacial views and hikes are located, do not be surprised to see wildlife. Due to the location and popularity of highway 93A (compared to highway 93), many animals prefer to graze on this road. Many locals that provide information to tourists highly suggest traveling on this road (highway 93A) for optimal wildlife viewings. Although there are a variety of wildlife to see in Jasper National Park, this particular stretch of highway is particularly known for black bear and grizzly bear sightings.

Once up at the parking lot at Mt. Edith Cavell, the most common hike which many tourists prefer to do, is the Cavell Meadows trail. It provides you with close sights of Angel Glacier, Mount Edith Cavell, and its glacial deposit lake. During the early season (spring and the beginning of summer), many wildflowers are in full bloom, making the scenery even more breathtaking. With lots of benches along the path to stop, take pictures and take in the magnificent scenery, this 1.8 km trail is suitable for anyone and everyone of all ages.

If hiking something more challenging suits you, you can escape many tourists by hiking up the rocky trail to the top of Cavell Meadows Summit. Once you’ve reached the summit, you’re at the top of the world (so to speak). You have the best views – you can see the tops of Cavell Glacier, Cavell Kettle Lake (down below) along with Angel Glacier. These are among the greatest panoramic views you will ever encounter!

The story of Mount Edith Cavell is posted on one of the information boards located in the parking lot where all of the hiking trails begin. Here you will learn that Mount Edith Cavell was an English nurse, who assisted allied soldiers escape from Belgium to the Netherlands in World War One. Since this was a violation of German military law, she was executed by the Germans for her beliefs and her honorable actions. This mountain, which was previously known as the Mountain of the Great Crossing, became named after her in 1916.

Mt. Edith Cavell is mainly known for its vast glaciers and incredible panoramic views, however it also holds one of the few hostels that Jasper National Park has to offer. Located at the base of Mt. Edith Cavell, the Hi-Mount Edith Cavell Wilderness Hostel offers accommodations with competitive and affordable prices. It’s important to keep in mind that this hostel does not have running water, which means no showers nor flush toilets are available. They do however have clean water for cooking, a fridge, lights and propane based stove for your convenience. This hostel is situated in a unique location, which enables its guests to take advantage of its spectacular views of both Cavell Meadows and Angel Glacier, while having the opportunity to relax in the middle of nature and enjoy the peace and quiet.

In 2012, a large piece of Ghost Glacier broke off of the mountain face, in turn landing in the tarn lake that lay below, causing a huge surge of water. Due to this gush of water, the day use trails, areas, viewpoints and parking lot had significate damage done to them. In 2014, something similar happened, although much smaller in size. In order to ensure visitor safety, lots of restoration work and repair was done, while creating more parking space and updating the facilities that were once there – with a reopening time period of spring of 2017!